Locations of Hospitals In the Philippines

Hospitals in Manila

Hospitals in the Philippines

Hospitals in the Philippines are mostly run as a business and when dealing with one you must keep that in mind. If you need treatment in a public or private hospital then be prepared to pay there and then. Even if you think you have the correct insurance it is very likely you will have to pay upfront.

Hospitals in the Philippines are mostly run as a business and when dealing with one you must keep that in mind. If you need treatment in a public or private hospital then be prepared to pay there and then. Even if you think you have the correct insurance it is very likely you will have to pay upfront.

Hospitals in Manila range from fantastic to absolute squalor. It is impossible to advise people of just how bad some of the hospitals are. One of the things to remember here is that you are expected to have a helper with you at all times whilst you are in hospital. It is the helpers that must go and BUY your drugs. After the initial treatment drugs do not automatically arrive at your room they have to be purchased. Now dependent on your insurance or credit card that may or not be a problem.

Foreign patients in the more public hospitals may be expected to make a higher contribution to their treatment.

If you are travelling around Manila here is a list of some of the hospitals that can assist you. Keep it safe guys.


Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital

Lope de Vega St., Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dr.Ruben C. Flores, Chief of Hospital

Ms. Lourdes C. Mendoza, Administrator

Tel: 734-5561/314-6009/Fax: 735-7146

Mobile: (0917) 837-1213/Email: [email protected]


Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

San Lazaro Compound, Rizal Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003

Dr. Ma. Alicia M. Lim, Chief of Hospital

Tel: 711-9491 to 98/Fax: 732-1077

Email: [email protected]


Manila Doctor’s Hospital

667 U.N. Ave., Ermita, Manila 1000

Dr. Dante D. Morales, Medical Director

Dr. Rex M. Mendoza, Administrator

Tel: 524-3011/Fax: 524-7376

Email: [email protected]


Mary Johnston Hospital

1221 Nolasco St., Tondo Manila 1012

Dr. Myrna P. Velasquez, Medical Director /Administrator

Tel: 245-5001/Fax: 245-0763

Email: [email protected]


Medical Center Manila

1125 Gen. Luna St., Ermita, Manila 1000

Dr. Jose R. Relacion, Medical Director

Tel: 523-8131 to 65/Fax: 524-3440


Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center

Pres. Quirino Ave., cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate, Manila 1004

Dr. Christina S. Padolina, Chief of Hospital

Dr. Joyce S. Chow, Administrator

Tel: 524-6061/525-7019/Fax: 525-7019


Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

46 P. Sanchez St., Sta. Mesa, Manila

Dr. Hermogenes Purrugganan, Medical Director

Tel: 252-39942/251-9406/Telefax: 252-3942


Philippine General Hospital

Taft ave., Ermita, Manila 1000

Dr. Juan Ma. Pablo R. Nanagas, Chief of Hospital

Ms. Daisy Nodque, Administrator

Tel: 521-8450/525-2584/Fax: 524-2221

Read the Wikipedia article of PGH.


San Lazaro Hospital

Quiricada St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003

Dr. Arturo B. Cabanban, Chief of Hospital

Ms. Eleonarita E. Reyes, Administrator

Tel: 711-6120/309-9542/Fax: 711-6979

Email: [email protected]


University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Espana Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila 1008

Dr. Estrella P. Villar, Medical Director

Tel: 731-3011


St. Jude General Hospital & Medical Center

Dimasalang cor. Don Quijote St.,

Sampaloc, Manila 1008

Dr. Rebecca P. Cuezon, Medical Director

Dr. Marilyn D. Yap, Administrator

Tel: 731-2761 to 65/Fax: 731-2765


Tondo Medical Center

Kalakal St., Balut, Tondo, Manila 1012

Dr. Victor J. dela Cruz, Chief of Hospital/ Administrator

Tel: 251-8420 to 23/Fax: 252-8661

Email: [email protected]

Read the Wikipedia article of Tondo Medical Center.


Amisola Maternity Hospital

1068 Hermosa St., Manuguit, Tondo, Manila 1013

Dr. Salome Amisola, Medical Director

Tel: 252-3335/251-6742/251-2491


Amosup Seamen’s Hospital

Cabildo cor. San Jose St., Intramuros, Manila 1002

Dr. Luis V.Vizcarra, Medical Director

Dr. Conrado F. Oca, Administrator

Tel: 523-5267/527-8116 to 20/Fax: 527-3554

Email: [email protected]


A.N. Ty Clinic

1401 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila 1000

Dr. Anita N. Ty, Medical Director

Tel: 506-6961/524-6696


Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center

286 Bluementritt St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003

Dr. Kasiam Lim, Medical Director

Tel: 711-4141 to 51/743-1148/Fax: 731-8252


Clinica Arellano General Hospital

1430 D. Jose St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003

Dr. Mercedez A. Villalobos, Medical Director

Atty. Antonio Arellano, Administrator

Tel: 711-5631/711-5654


De Ocampo Memorial Medical Center

2921 Nagtahan St., Sta. Mesa, Manila

Dr. Antonio de Ocampo, President

Tel: 715-1891


Dr. Mirando Unciano Medical Center

V. Mapa st., Sta. Mesa, Manila

Dr. Luisita de Castro, Medical Director

Tel: 716-7291 to 92


Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center

Delpan St., Tondo, Manila

Dr. Ma. Dolores M. Luna, Medical Director

Mr. Proceso D. Escobar, Administrator

Tel: 241-2643/244-0858/Fax: 241-2606


Hospital of the Infant Jesus

1556 Laong Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008

Dr. Pura B. Rodriguez Caisip, Medical Director

Ms. Dolores P. Songco, Administrator

Tel: 731-2771/731-2832/Fax: 731-2834


Mary Chiles General Hospital

667 Gastambide St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008

Dr. Rolando A. Florendo, Medical Director

Tel: 741-3941 to 45


Metropolitan Hospital

1357 Masangkay St., Tondo, Manila 1012

Dr. Chong Chian .Chong, Medical Director

Dr. Lazaro Pabiona, Administrator

Tel: 255-0401/Fax: 254-7356


Ospital Ng Sampaloc

Gen. Geronimo St. cor.Manila 1008

Dr. Erich R. Sison, Chief of Hospital

Ms. Ma. Beatriz Tiama, Administrator

Tel: 749-0215/749-0224/Fax: 749-0207

Email: [email protected]


Ospital Ng Tondo

Jose Abad Santos Ave., Tondo, Manila 1012

Dr. Remedios F.Timbol, Chief of Hospital

Tel: 716-3901 to 20/716-8001/Fax: 714-7397

Email: [email protected]


Perpetual Help Hospital

1504 Laong Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008/504 Gelinos St., Sampaloc Manila

Dr. Teresita T. Salazar, Medical Director

Tel: 731-8177/731-8144/742-1057

[email protected]


Perpetual Succor Hospital & Maternity, Inc.

836 Florentino Cayco St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008

Dr. Benedicto P. Rivera, Medical Director

Dr. Estrella M. Quilendrino, Administrator

Tel: 731-1631 to 33/731-5774 to 75/Fax: 739-5778


Presidential Security Group Station Hospital

Malacanang Park, Manila 1005

Lt. Col. Benedicto A. Jovellanos, MC (GSC)

Commanding Officer, Tel: 521-2301


St. Mary’s General Hospital

1111 F. Huertas St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003

Dr. Antonio G. Clemente, Medical Director

Mr. Federico S. Marquez, Administrator

Tel: 251-4729/Fax: 251-4749


The Family Clinic, Inc. Hospital

1474 Ma. Clara St., Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dr. Narciso G. Navarro, Sr., Medical Director

Tel: 731-2901 to 09/ 731-2537


Trinity Woman & Child Center “The Birth Place”

2732 New Panaderos St., Sta. Ana, Manila

Dr. Edwin E. Dimayuga, Medical Director

Ms. Andrea Enrile-Dimayuga

Tel: 564-1510 to 12/563-4488/563-1397/Fax: 564-1510 to 12


Vermont Maternity Clinic

931 J. Nakpil St., Malate, Manila 1004

Dr. Anastacia G. Macalino, Medical Director

Tel: 523-1852




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